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Good News Everyone

Haztel AdminMember posted Sep 25, 13
Guys, its Haztel here talking on behalf of ShootzBah.
Shootz says he has completed half of the opening of New LibertyCraft.
He still needs help 
creating it so please add him on skype (jjhakz)

Spawn/Hub - 85% Completed
Other Worlds - 20%
Host - Minus 10000%
Permissions - 50%
Support on worls such as PvP, Shop ETC - 45%
Plugin Configuration - 50%

I have been trying to bring this server back for a year. I donated $200 and sht04052 practically ran off with it. Guys, his server meant alot to all of you and even me. It was the most OP server out there in 1.2.5. Now its 1.6.4.
If you have a heart to help out please do. i would appreciate it and you will all be rewarded with something good. Please remember to add me on skype (jjhakz) Shootz out.
ArcticWolf_11 I'd love to help if I could
Evu1 I would LOVE to help!
blazzzer213 Member (Y)

Things take a turn to the worse

Haztel AdminMember posted Jun 11, 13
...and always will be. 

Bukkit has completely cleared the map.

Hours of Work is not nothing.

I am sad. :(

ArcticWolf_11 What do you mean cleared the entire map, don't you have backups of it or something?
Huntabuscus Member Or not

Picking it back up.

Haztel AdminMember posted Jun 10, 13
I am proud to announce that production of LibertyCraft has once again began re-developed. 
We apologize for the Arrested Development of LibertyCraft. 

Hello Haztel here,

Some of you may know me as a friend, An Admin, An Owner, The man who pissed you off.
LibertyCraft has been inactive for almost a year now. That may change very soon.  

Stay Updated. 

I know alot of you may have already moved on from LibertyCraft and that is fine. However, If you wish to rejoin, I'm afraid all former ranks will be null. There is absolutely no way to tell who actrually had the rank previously. In addition, we have applied a new system for ranks.

Changelog as of 6/10/13

Server Completion: 20% : Construction Phase

* Working on Remake of Classic Liberty Spawn           -- In Transit
* Adding some new buildings                                        -- In Transit
* Installation of Plugins                                                  -- TBA
* Creation of Permission                                               -- TBA
* Creation of A New LibertyCraft Forum/Website        -- TBA

Some of you may recognize this spawn. It is the first LibertyCraft Spawn City. I am remaking it and improving it slightly. Email me at for information on How to be whitelisted when the Server Beta Comes out.

wilynsawn   registered to LibertyCraft
dejene123   registered to LibertyCraft
PoweringGravity   registered to LibertyCraft
iwgi2019   registered to LibertyCraft
BlockDude   registered to LibertyCraft
Hoez N Oreoz   registered to LibertyCraft
Evu1   registered to LibertyCraft
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YingYangPow   registered to LibertyCraft
garnter   registered to LibertyCraft
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